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Got the interview? Now time to get the job!

  • Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Going for a job interview can be daunting. You know the drill – you’ve applied for a job with a market leading company, made it through a pre-screening and have now been called for a face to face interview – nerves are about to kick in!

So, what steps do you take to make sure that you leave a good impression and increase your chances of landing that job? Our Global Recruitment Manager, Karen Griffin, gives some advice on proper preparation and how to conduct yourself during the interview.

Pre Interview:

Research the company:

It’s vital here that you carry out a detailed research on the company. Find out what products the company manufactures and if you can, what products or parts are made on the site. It’s also useful to see if you can determine what other business activities are conducted on site

Research the interviewers:

With more and more information available online, it’s possible to locate the individuals who will be interviewing you. You can use any relevant information to try and make a subtle personal connection with the interviewer, such as discussing a recent sports event or an event that both of you may have attended. You could discover that you may know some of the same people, so don’t be afraid to name drop (provided that they have great things to say!)

Know what the job entails:

The job specification is key and the questions they ask you in the interview will all relate to what is outlined on this. You should ask for a copy so you can prepare in advance. Think about relevant projects, tasks or processes that you have worked on.  Have examples ready with particular emphasis challenges that you have overcome. You should also know what regulations and standards the organization needs to comply with, and how they relate to the job function.


During the interview:

First Impressions Last:

It should go without saying that you should look clean & professional – no hoodies or shorts! When making initial contact, show your confidence. Use a firm handshake, make eye contact and don’t be afraid to smile! Compliment them on the building and premises – some managers appreciate that people take notice of the surroundings, particularly if it’s a new building.

Body language:

Don’t slouch in the chair and no man-spreading! Sit straight with good posture, and keep the use of any hand gestures to a minimum – over gesturing can appear aggressive in nature, which is exactly the impression that you don’t want to give.

Concise answers:

Speak confidently when answering questions put to you. Give examples of successes you’ve had (that are relevant to the job) and let them know why they need to hire you. Don’t waffle, and definitely don’t use any swear words!


It’s always a good idea to ask questions relevant to the job & company. Have 3 questions thought out beforehand; this shows a degree of enthusiasm, but also that you’re the kind of person who likes to know what kind of environment they will be working in.


Post Interview

Follow up:

If you don’t hear from anybody within the organization within 24hrs after the interview, make a phone call to the person who arranged the interview to get some feedback. Generally speaking, after leaving the interview most people will have a fair idea if it went well or not. It’s always a good sign if it feels like the time flew during it!


At this stage, there’s not really a whole lot more you can do – if you’ve adequately prepared and conducted yourself well, then other factors will come in to play as to whether you get offered the job – keep the fingers crossed and if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be!


Author: Karen Griffin

Global Recruitment Manager

Stericycle GxP


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