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Product Recalls We can offer a complete recall and remediation solution

Product Recalls

Product recalls and withdrawals impact thousands of companies every year – putting both people and brands at risk. If managed poorly, a recall can have devastating consequences on a company’s reputation, market share, and bottom line. But with the proper planning and systems in place, a recall event can be effectively managed to mitigate financial and legal risk, increase customer loyalty, and prevent irreparable brand damage.

With so much at stake, companies need a trusted partner to navigate the complex recall landscape.

In partnership with our sister company Stericycle Expert Solutions, we can offer a complete recall and remediation solution to our customers.

Pre Recall
  • Audit against existing recall policies and procedures
  • Carry out mock recall in preparation for any future adverse
Recall Service
  • Brand Protection
  • Expert Guidance & consultation
  • Recall risk & cost mitigation
  • Experience & proven process
  • Global systems & infrastructure

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