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Tech Transfer

If your company has a need to ensure the smooth transfer of technology or equipment, Stericycle GxP Solutions efficiently transfers and validates skills, knowledge and technologies among life science manufacturing sites to ensure the delivery of compliant processes.

We leverage our high level of expertise to analyze existing and new sites to enable a smooth technology transfer from site to site.



Our as-is assessments of locations, machinery and other critical factors ensure the delivery of compliant processes.


We can assist with transfer between internal or external locations. Our team of experts interact with your team to ensure that each transfer runs smoothly and in line with the agreed project timeline.


Stericycle GxP Solutions' subject matter experts provide right sized qualification & re-qualification activities. Our engineers have worked with some of the largest organizations in the world on the most complex of projects. It's because of this valuable knowledge that our customers keep returning to us to ensure that they remain compliant.

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