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Stericycle GxP Workforce provide the best experts in their field; experts who like the variety and challenges of working in new and innovative environments; who get the job done and have pride in their achievements.

Our global network consists of engineers from all levels and disciplines, with experience of working in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies around the world.

We don’t just hire contractors and fixed term employees - we can also provide permanent placement.

A highly skilled and experienced recruitment team will ensure that your requirements are met quickly and within budget so you can build a strong and effective team.

Because we are ISO certified, each candidate must pass a careful pre-screening process to ensure that they will meet with your approval.

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We supply engineers who we believe will easily adapt to our customers’ environment and work practices. Our proven pre-screening process ensures that each candidate we provide has all the necessary skills, knowledge and experience demanded by the evolving life science industry


We carefully choose like-minded, exceptional technical professionals to join our team. Our rigorous training and mentoring programs ensure that our team members remain knowledgeable about technology trends and products that uniquely impact the life sciences industry.


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